To light the Olympics


At the center of the winter Sports event of 2022, there was grandeur. There was pizzazz. There was ice, and gold. The illuminating Snowflake stole the show at the Olympic winter games' opening & closing ceremonies.

The glamour and prestige were present at the opening and closing ceremonies of the passed Olympic Winter Games. Countless delegations of splendid winter athletes graced the Beijing National Stadium, neatly praised as the "Bird's nest" due to its elaborate design. The Center of the Olympics' opening and closing ceremonies? An outstanding monumental snowflake chandelier, illuminating and name dropping all participating nations.

As part of the spirit of sportsmanship and human achievement, the 1415 Red, Green & Blue (RGB) gold wire LED, by illumination innovator REFOND Optoelectronics, was born to achieve this spectacle- a grand snowflake, shining through a cloudless night. Brainchild of art master Zhang Yimou and a group of domestic design experts, the giant snowflake project (which at the opening ceremony encompassed the Olympic Flame) was designed by BOE and manufactured by Shenzhen APEXLS Electronics Co., Ltd. (Ledman Group) and provided light display solutions. Thus, this visual feast had strict requirements, and REFOND was up for the challenge.

With high reliability and outstanding performance, these RGB LEDs centerpieces highlighted this celebration of the human spirit. which is breathtaking.

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