iShield for the air


This host-independent, AES 256-bit encryption embedded solution just upgraded the protection of the Drone sphere's cyber sphere. Subjected to rigorous testing, this effective security enhancer of existing drone and UAV systems is hard to forget.

Tested & qualified: The Secure MicroSDHC memory solution specifically designed for Camera use, dubbed "PS-45u iShield Camera" series by memory security visioner SWISSBIT, had been selected, tested and approved by a leading provider of aerial monitoring solutions for law and security organizations within Germany, such as several state police.

Compatible to multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) & products by minuscule aviation leader DJI, this portable secured memory solution fortifies the drones' memory by embedding an AES 256-bit encryption as well as being host-independent. If that standardized security upgrade is not enough, the iShield delivers a PIN-based authentication process for extra security. As demand for a more efficient, better encrypted and better suited access for drone footage is being raised, the iShield had been tailored for the need for better security in the unmanned aviation field. Thus, operational risks such as unauthorized access to sensitive information or subsequent data manipulation can be minimized from the outset.

With protection through encryption as the centerpiece of the iShield concept, this solution's application is straightforward. The secured hardware, as the MicroSD card, and the iShield Camera Card Tool security software (iCCT) very much align one another and complement each other. Much for the costumer's enjoyment. No more unauthorized access friendly and readable AES-256-bit encrypted data contents. Once the drone or camera is switched off or the microSD card is removed, or even in the camera itself, these recordings are no longer readable without a PIN authentication approval.

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