Visioners, Assemble!

High voltage and high frequency compatible materials? Check. Encompassing assembly solutions? Check.  Rigorous testing for high reliability? Check, check, check. From conception to integration, these tailored Assembly solutions are the new engine for the engineer's vision. Ready, steady- go!

"Only the hard. Only the strong". we may not be talking about an esteemed graphic novel, but rather on engineering innovation, in graphic detail. The state-of-the-art assembly solution in chip, module to board-level packaging resolutions, by Micro Systems Engineering (MSE) of MST group, are breathtaking. With conventional and advanced packaging within component level assembly and component and module SMT assembly abilities on the board level- everyone will surely jump onboard. Chip-on-Board (COB) assembly is also within reach.

You don't need a riddle for a riddler or a joke for a joker, but abilities such as lowered thickness to 270 µm in the field of organic substrates solutions and at hand availability of ceramic cavities and fine pitch structures can upgrade your product's package of skills. That without mentioning the outstanding ability for Rigid Integrated Circuit (IC) Substrates and Ultra High-Density Interconnect (Ultra-HDI) substrates' structures to be slick, ultrathin, with any layer technology of up to 10 layers with 390 µm total thickness at your fingertips.

Another aspect of these unique packaging skills takes shape at the overwhelming extreme reliability testing process of the substrate by this design & manufacture expert of semiconductor and packaging hardware. Full traceability for materials, processes, single devices, x-y positions on wafer, substrate, 3D structures, and automated data archives. Stress testing is just one of  the many rigorous strains undertaken to ensure the package's endurance and capability under hardship.

The "20 layers Glass ceiling" is smashed through multilayer technology, within an ever expanding boundaries of Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic & High Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC and HTCC respectively) technology. Maybe it will be the engineer's entrance to his multiverse of greatness. Fine line patterning, gold and silver based metal systems and embedded resistors, capacitors, inductors and strip lines- The substrate never seemed more appealing to play with. All of this, without counting the application-oriented brazing action, in particular towards heat sinks, frames and nail head pins, or high frequency performance of up to 120 GHz to boot.

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