The new standard for Horticulture LED

With a simple to use design, excellent performance and abundant spectrum of varied wavelengths- the new horticulture lighting standard is being made. It’s customizable, affordable and with Uniform light color. With an easy-to-use architecture, and a simple design, this plant light LED solution is becoming the new horticulture lighting standard. Dubbed “Plant Light 2835 120°Silicone […]

Keep calm, and Protect on

Designated and tailored for protection versus power loss during a data storage process, in particular in mission-critical applications. Beyond the essential. Beyond the standard. The level-up is just around the corner, as it is already available for selected components. In cases of unexpected power malfunctions, Power Loss Protection (PLP) means comprise an effective and an […]

X force: memories for the future

Tailored for write-intensive applications, these new memory modules will surely make you feel like a superhero. With reliability at their core, the new players in the memory game are ready to go. Up for the challenge, these modules are compliant to various & elaborated requirements. Welcome to the team: the brand, all-new memory modules series, […]

Same high light efficiency, in a new package

Low thermal resistance and good thermal conductivity, high light efficiency and varied light wavelengths for varied needs- these are just a few qualities that already make the new LED 120°. But then again, in paraphrase, we talked about the quality of the fudge, but not the icing on the cake. Now we have options. The […]

Full stack, hardware delight

In-house integration & optimization, assembly capabilities from the component to board level and varied flexible options to boot- you know your ideas are being taken care of. Fully adjustable and in-tune to every need, these highly reliable, and highly customizable, Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and modules, by electronics innovator MST group, will surely answer every […]

Flexible core for the Flexed need

+10 flexible layers available, standardized slick space and lines features, small bend zones and various stiffener materials for easier assembly formations- you will be able to introduce your product’s attractive physique. Depending on your design, your product can not only be good-looking, but also Noble. Are you ready to Flex some electric muscles? With these […]

Visioners, Assemble!

High voltage and high frequency compatible materials? Check. Encompassing assembly solutions? Check.  Rigorous testing for high reliability? Check, check, check. From conception to integration, these tailored Assembly solutions are the new engine for the engineer’s vision. Ready, steady- go! “Only the hard. Only the strong”. we may not be talking about an esteemed graphic novel, […]

To light the Olympics

At the center of the winter Sports event of 2022, there was grandeur. There was pizzazz. There was ice, and gold. The illuminating Snowflake stole the show at the Olympic winter games’ opening & closing ceremonies. The glamour and prestige were present at the opening and closing ceremonies of the passed Olympic Winter Games. Countless […]

iShield for the air

This host-independent, AES 256-bit encryption embedded solution just upgraded the protection of the Drone sphere’s cyber sphere. Subjected to rigorous testing, this effective security enhancer of existing drone and UAV systems is hard to forget. Tested & qualified: The Secure MicroSDHC memory solution specifically designed for Camera use, dubbed “PS-45u iShield Camera” series by memory […]

The adaptable COB LED

With high photosynthetic photon efficiency and photosynthetic photon flux values, adjustable and customizable light emission according to the varied breeding environments and the changing needs of the individual plant’s growth phases- you can bet this COB horticulture oriented solution is up for grabs. The latest COB solution, horticulture focused and dubbed “Plant lamp (COB LED) […]