F-800 CFast

SATA Protocol and Compact Flash form factor intertwined, The all new F-800 CFast memory module series is the new go to solution for various applications. From Industrial Automation to Medical Tech-  the new CFast solutions are the best for the best.

Popular. Many say very popular. The all new F-800 CFast solution series, by Tech maverick Swissbit, for various fields such as the Industrial automation, Motion control, POS/POI terminals and Industrial PCs is revealed. Transportation and Medical Technology among others.

Fresh out of the Swissbit's developer's oven, the F-800 series has been launched and already makes advances in the field. The Brand new series presents the market with the highest reliability memory module based upon SLC-NAND Flash memory dies yet. Not to mention the latest controller firmware.

If these splendid core Tech for the Tech Pro is not enough,  high temperature tolerance and data loss protection and prevention from power hardware malfunction will surely give you a boost. By default, the F-800 series offers you maximum performance, durability and reliability for embedded systems and industrial applications.

The new CFast F-800 will enable you to see fast high performance in the DRAM-less controller architecture, autonomous data care management and intelligent diagnostic extensions. Thus, predictive maintenance and long term availability and reliability had never been more assured.

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