F-800 CFast

SATA Protocol and Compact Flash form factor intertwined, The all new F-800 CFast memory module series is the new go to solution for various applications. From Industrial Automation to Medical Tech-  the new CFast solutions are the best for the best. Popular. Many say very popular. The all new F-800 CFast solution series, by Tech […]

The Advanced FLASH LED

It may come in a miniaturize size, but this LED is for the professional tech designer. With ceramic packaging, high power output and high luminance- the A game is on. The all new Ceramic packaged FLASH LED, by tech supreme REFOND, brings the A in ADVACED. The game is on, and with high reliability, moisture […]


The Basic FLASH LED just got upgraded Imagine a white FLASH  LED. Imagine a wide viewing angle, fabricated by using a blue chip and the phosphor. Imagine it can be suited for any SMT assembly. But nowi it’s not only in your imagination.