Three in one: the all new RGB LED

With a viewing angle designed to the extreme, high compatibility for all SMT assembly processes and RoHS standardized- these RGB LEDs' families will brighten your engineering experience. That's not to mention the relatively compact package sizes.

Neatly packaged and tailored for the growing need of reliable and durable LED components, these Red, Green & Blue (RGB) LEDs' families, by illumination tech's bright meteor REFOND, are bringing higher reliability to the forefront of LED operationality. Furthermore, the relatively slick and comfortable design of the RF-W8SP30TS-E-A44, RF-W5S198TS-A41, RF-W1SA28IS-A47 and RF-W1SA15HS-A47 LEDs means better placed emphasis on operational effectiveness.

Better yet, with production failure rates of less than 30 Parts Per Million (PPM), these LEDs make up a few of the lowest failure RGB LEDs in the market right now. Some even offer non-reflective surfaces, standardized narrow, wide and extremely wide viewing angles. High luminous Intensity, Low power dissipation, excellent reliability and long lifespans are also in the works for these special multi-colored components.

Applied to the outdoor entertainment and decorative fields, as to the Internet Of Things (IOT) residential home- these families are the go to choice.

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