Pitch perfect


The brand new Low Profile Speakers are out in the open. Reliability optimized, and tailored made, your products' Research, Development (R&D) and assembly experience will never be the same.

Are you tuned in? the all new compact highly reliable Speakers catalog, by elite tech visioner HK-Sound, is out. The shockwaves are imminent. With a versatile range of changeable features, tailored and fitted to every need of the manufacture & assembly product line, you can bet echoes of these solution will be heard across the field. But it doesn't end there.

With a Custom gasket, single or double-sided adhesives adjusted, design options for the front or back, and with relative small volume features respectively- the new Low Profile Speakers are bound to break tech records. Adjustable to water resistance needs, Polyether Ether KetoneĀ (PEEK) standardized cone material and an optimal resonant frequency spectrum between 450 to 1250 Hz, these will be the high note of your product assembly process.

These solutions can come in handy specifically in various fields such as Tablet Technology (Mobile & Smart Phones, Smart Watches, Tablets and Portable Devices), Security Equipment, Internet Of Things (IOT) applications and Smart Home Devices (SHD).

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