The ultra long range antenna

With a neat size, a remarkable performance and a spectrum of varied frequency wave lengths- this Booming Antenna is ready to reshape the Automotive antennas' field.

The all new long-range and ultra-long-range flexible antennas' family, Dubbed the "KGEA-AF-Series" by tech pioneer Grupo Premo, has been released and the market is already beaming with excitement. This unique patented solution for Car Keyless Entry & Passive Keyless Entry (PKE) systems, nicknamed the Alma™ Core Technology, saves the engineer the patchwork of design compatibility and assembly constrains by freeing up space from excess installation, cables, electronic drivers. This, in toe, reduces component count and saves up to over 100 USD in production cost per vehicle.

Far from the crowded multiple clunking of many antennas currently occupying much needed space in your everyday car, the Alma™ Core Technology design allows for a longer antenna build without sacrificing its performance under challenging environmental conditions. With a length ranging from 300-500mm, these antennas provide up to 5 times more H-field than the regular standard antennas and up to 2.5 times the mid-range one.

Trunk-Bumper Antenna, Door Handler Antennas to the sides of the car, Interior Antennas to be installed inside the car, and Immobilizer antenna fitted onto the ignition lock- all this space can be freed with this slick solution. fully tailored to customer's needs, and with a wide spectrum of frequency values from  20kHz, 125kHz, and 134.2kHz, with or without capacitor and resistors inside, this family of flexible antennas is  typically approved by the AEC-Q200 (specific automotive quality standard) and waterproof specs from IP54 to IP69K.


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