RGB LED, chip sized

With a more varied functionality, and a more compact design, the new RGB chip LED solutions are upgrading the chip LED array to an all new level. Chip light has never been more colorful. Not one, but two new chip RGB LED light source products, by lighting-LED visionary REFOND Optoelectronics, were released to meet the […]

Three in one: the all new RGB LED

With a viewing angle designed to the extreme, high compatibility for all SMT assembly processes and RoHS standardized- these RGB LEDs’ families will brighten your engineering experience. That’s not to mention the relatively compact package sizes. Neatly packaged and tailored for the growing need of reliable and durable LED components, these Red, Green & Blue […]

The LED in RED

with an overwhelming angle and Sensitivity level 3, This RED LED will turn RED when you see him. The all-new red CHIP LED 0603, by LED designer Refond, offers an outstanding viewing angle of 140º and is compatible for all SMT assembly and solder processes. And with moisture sensitivity level 3 It is a sure […]