Medium power, maximum effectiveness

With a varied range of wonderful angles, splendid package size, and an ultra-small chip size- this LED is ready to be your go to IR spectacle. Infrared Illumination Specially designated for cameras, surveillance systems and machine systems’ vision- are you ready to fly? This red LED is RAD led. The new go to Infra-Red LED […]

Three in one: the all new RGB LED

With a viewing angle designed to the extreme, high compatibility for all SMT assembly processes and RoHS standardized- these RGB LEDs’ families will brighten your engineering experience. That’s not to mention the relatively compact package sizes. Neatly packaged and tailored for the growing need of reliable and durable LED components, these Red, Green & Blue […]

60 Deg. of sunshine

This all-new family of LED, fabricated in a spectrum of illumination combinations, will bring tailored targeted capabilities in front of your eyes. A compact solution for a most needed demand- these LEDs will light your assembled product in a brand new light. Not for your eyes only: This slick and compact LED family, By illumination […]

A new generation of narrow viewing angle LED

The new almighty 1206 LED family have LENS that give the LED family concentrated light-power. With an outstanding performance with a narrower viewing angle- that can give an edge. This new generation offers extremely narrow viewing angle, moisture sensitivity Level (MSL) of Level3, ROHS compliant and compatibility with all types of SMT assembly and solder […]