Raspberry flavored memory


It's not a Beatles' song, but It's a joy non the same. Brand new memory solutions for the popular & basic Raspberry Pi are hitting you with all the right memorable tunes down memory lane.

As the low-cost and widely used Raspberry Pi's hardware can contain valuable and protectable data and functions, these memory solutions are the icing on the computational berry cupcake. The all-new memory solutions, intricately formulated and dubbed " PS-45u-DP" and "PU-50n-DP" by memory innovator Swissbit, have been recently expanded to cover the varied needs of Raspberry Pi's versions 2, 3B+, CM3+ and 4.

The new MicroSD & 3.1 superspeed USB flash drive solutions are easy-to-implement security systems, long-lasting flash memory designs well suited for industrial applications. Highly flexible, and independent from the Central Processing Unit (CPU), these memory modules give the Raspberry Pi bootloader a highly protected memory capability in order to encrypt boot and application code (for the protection of licenses), proprietary know-how and intellectual property or to provide write-protection regarding hardware-based security functions. Equipped with AES 256bit encryption and memory capabilities of 8 GB (for the USB nano stick & the MicroSD) and 32 GB (MicroSD only), the solutions also consist of a software development kit (SDK).

The memory solutions, labeled "Raspberry Pi edition", encrypt the data and allow access only via a flexible configurable authentication function, which unlocks further access to the data carrier in the pre-boot phase. The number of permitted invalid access attempts can be configured. Furthermore, the USB nano stick can be used as an authentication device for the Swissbit Secure Boot on Raspberry Pi solution, as one microSD card PS-45u DP Raspberry Edition is also required.

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