The 3 in 1 combo


Three Solutions are better than one. Honestly, what's better than that? Well, Three solutions, in one. With 40% to 50% reduction in volume compared to other discrete industrial solutions for the same power management capacity- It's the obvious choice.

The typical Power converter in the market usually was assembled from a transformer, a resonant choke & an output choke. Every part had it's own design, core, winding, and thermal dissipation solution. But recently that has been changed. Introducing the brand new 3DPowerTM solution, an innovative Full Bridge LLC Transformer (150 µH) and a resonant choke (25 µH) integrated composition, which improves the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).

No more endless searches for compatible designs, this Magnetic merger of magnetic components will give a better, formidable advantage in the beginning of your product's assembly chain. With 40% to 50% of volume and weight redacted, one vision of one inductive component as part of the product design process and energy effiency- these solutions can truly be labeled as cost- effective.

The 3DPowerTM's primary Input voltages vary from 580 Vdc to 750 Vdc, with Secondary Output voltages ranging from 220 Vdc to 500 Vdc/ 36 Arms. Not only that, the total output power stands at 11 kW, while Switching frequency received stands from 70 kHz to 400 kHz. Thus defining a fundamental revolutionary concept in power magnetics integration.

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