Pitch perfect

The brand new Low Profile Speakers are out in the open. Reliability optimized, and tailored made, your products’ Research, Development (R&D) and assembly experience will never be the same. Are you tuned in? the all new compact highly reliable Speakers catalog, by elite tech visioner HK-Sound, is out. The shockwaves are imminent. With a versatile […]

The Integrated ASIC

The highly sensitive specialized Pre-amplification ASIC MEMs microphones by SoundĀ  are already here and they feel that they are all you needed for your sensitive application. A high SNR output, high sensitivity and packaged for surface mounting and high temperature reflow assembly. The new SA04B383-J11 MEMs microphone, by tech innovator Sound, is a new and […]

Smart MEMs for Smart times

The all new Sound SA04B series is here and already kicking the norms. A new generation of Piezoelectric MEMs microphones is here. The all new generation of Piezoelectronic MEMs microphones, the SA04B series by components supreme Sound, were built for your pleasure. The most reliable in the SNR field for microphones, smart grid wearables and […]

The chosen mic

Extra-small, with an extra punch, the new Electret microphone from the acoustics meteor Sound components brings groundbreaking experience to your very doorstep. The tiny supreme, OM5822GF333BS-HD, is an Electret condenser microphone (ECM) that meets sensitivity of -33dB and SNR>70dB.