Pitch perfect

The brand new Low Profile Speakers are out in the open. Reliability optimized, and tailored made, your products’ Research, Development (R&D) and assembly experience will never be the same. Are you tuned in? the all new compact highly reliable Speakers catalog, by elite tech visioner HK-Sound, is out. The shockwaves are imminent. With a versatile […]

60 Deg. of sunshine

This all-new family of LED, fabricated in a spectrum of illumination combinations, will bring tailored targeted capabilities in front of your eyes. A compact solution for a most needed demand- these LEDs will light your assembled product in a brand new light. Not for your eyes only: This slick and compact LED family, By illumination […]

Wide range for any board

With an extremely wide range of assembly equipment, for any board material for electronic modules, complex and miniaturized, MSE gets the job done. MSE, from tech powerhouse MST, is your best supplier in the field for advanced assembly capabilities. With extensive assembly equipment for every need and inspection technologies to boot- the opportunity to assemble […]