The switch in harsh environment

With an astonishing tiny physique, these pushbutton Switches push the boundaries of passive secure Automotive functionality to an all-new level. Adjusted to extreme conditions, you'll press to receive this impressive integrative hand-pressed solution.

An all-new Passive Entry solution for the Automotive field was born. Optimized for Automotive Harsh environments, these impressive compact size Pushbutton switches, dubbed "PB-Sx" by RFID visioner PREMO Grupo, is the culmination of Passive Keyless Entry System (PKES) and Passive Entry/Passive Start (PEPS) technologies' combination. Usually assembled as part of a door handle's complete assemblage, this solution is beautifully suited as a highly water-resistant component against water leakage or ingress.

Furthermore, adapt with operability "under pressure", the Switches family is designed to withstand extreme functional conditions (20k pulses underwater). That's not to mention an outstanding reliability factor of up from 10E5, with a nominal push-force of 12 ± 3N. With a variety of button/switch formats to choose from- customary Switch samples can be adjusted to existing assemblages less than 4 weeks lead time by the innovator.

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