60 Deg. of sunshine

This all-new family of LED, fabricated in a spectrum of illumination combinations, will bring tailored targeted capabilities in front of your eyes. A compact solution for a most needed demand- these LEDs will light your assembled product in a brand new light.

Not for your eyes only: This slick and compact LED family, By illumination innovator Refond, will give you a brand new spectrum of targeted tailored capabilities. With a 60 deg. angle, that will bring 360 degrees of engineering effectiveness, this refined ray of sunlight will give you a variety of colored options to pick from.

Higher, further & faster. This all-new LED family of splendid solutions, RoHS compliant and suited for all SMT assembly and solder processes, is already on the shelf and ready to use. This high- reliability on high demand is well suited for General lighting, Optical indicator, Switch & Symbol and Display applications.

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