R.G.B LED, It’s in the game

The Electro-Optics field has never been this properly lit than this gem of a component. This LED will make the average engineer flex his product's luminous Flex. Highly powered, a lengthy bandwidth and with highly sensitive adjustable modification- this LED Family is your ace up your engineering's sleeve.

The all new modified R.G.B (Red-Green-Blue) LED family, dubbed the RF-Q30SARGB-05-J by tech innovator REFOND, has been refitted to the need, the need for accurate-spectrum-of-light in speed. Even if you are not a Top Gun maverick, this LED family's design will bring you better accuracy, better reliability and better operability for your end product.

Suited to all sorts of harsh needs, this Lighting device will give you an edge, with a light touch, in fields such as Video Surveillance, Face Recognition, VR/AR, Intelligent Control, Wearable equipment, Touch Panels, Illumination for cameras, Machine Vision Systems & Safety Systems.

Furthermore, this R.G.B. LED family is easily adjustable to the needs of the end product's requirements by cross lighting the LED diodes,  through elegant means. Thus, The LED family is a B.I.G. and notorious upgrade to the LED game. Industrial Automation, Optoelectronic Switches, Smoke Detectors, Security Protection Monitoring and Car Sensors production lines' operations can also have a lightbulb moment with this ready-to-apply, ready- to- modify and light lighting provider.

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