Flexible core for the Flexed need


+10 flexible layers available, standardized slick space and lines features, small bend zones and various stiffener materials for easier assembly formations- you will be able to introduce your product's attractive physique. Depending on your design, your product can not only be good-looking, but also Noble.

Are you ready to Flex some electric muscles? With these beautiful design & manufacture capabilities of Flexible Polyimide Boards (FPB), by Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) visionary Dyconex from the MST group, every challenge's versatile needs will be met. With a Flexible design adjusted to answer every difficulty, and a grand array of tailored operational capabilities, the electronics engineer will surely be charged up and ready to feel the connection.

Not to mention the 3D miniaturization optimization via usage of ultra-fine lines, high package density and folding apparatus. With a +10 layer count customization, as standard layer count reaching between 4 to 6 layers, and with plural stiffener materials used – this tested on demand, hot electrical labeled, solution will be ready to flex Its splendid set of skills.

Be ready to have flexible skills with these FPB solutions. 15 µm lines to 15 µm spaces ratio, Ø 35 µm µ-vias to 75 µm pads ratio and a higher ability to lower the substrate's dielectric thickness to only 12 µm (5 µm for built-up layers) are just some of the substrate's amazing features. Particularly suitable for hearing aids, connector cables & RF ablation catheters- these high reliablity, high quality on demand hot electrical will spark your interest.

If you wish something to be more elastic, and still be fantastic, stroll down FPB lane till you reach the Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP). Suitable for high frequency applications up to 120 GHz, this flexible interconnection substrate is optimized for the Implantable electrodes, GHz antennas and catheters' fields. With Cavity for chip placement and embedding or encapsulation and biocompatibility features to boot- future endeavors will feel as bendable as a corner of a FPB.

Ready to face facts?