The X factor 86

SATA III interfaced, highly reliable and attractively priced, this memorable memory module is the next go to step in the memory fields. Proposedly developed for Industrial needs, this family of solutions operate without additional DRAM as robust boot and application drives.

With great power, comes great responsibility. The next step in memory modules' evolution is here. Named the X-86 memory solutions series and the F-86 CFast™ memory card by tech supreme Swissbit, these industrial-grade storage media solution, SATA III integrated, is the latest addition to the  innovative  CFast™ memory module family.

As robust boot and application drives, and with an adjustable feature set, the X-86s pack a memorable operational punch with capabilities such as a high-quality 3D-NAND in pSLC mode, a SATA NAND flash controller specially developed for industrial requirements without additional DRAM, and fully optimized proprietary firmware.

Thus, these optimal storage solutions for embedded systems and industrial applications are ready to go center stage. Furthermore, compatible to high durability, high reliability and imperative safety from power failure to operation effectiveness as part of a systematical set of needs- just be ready to axe your memory capability's troubles through this X.

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