Wide View, on the side


With side view compatibility, a slick ready-to-use design and high reliability for good measure- this new LED can be observed & admired. A versatile range of high-quality flexible integration capability to boot will make the average engineer not look the other way.

You won't be able to view it from a far once you heard of It. The all new high functionality-high reliability LED, dubbed "RF-P3S115TS-B37" by lighting innovator Refond, will give the LED game a new angle to look upon. Uniquely structured for the needs of maximum usage in a minimal framed space, with exquisite high quality standard, this Side View LED is putting the other LEDs sideways. Further appliances include varying purposes in the general use, switch and symbol, display & the optical indicator fields.

These side view LEDs emit light which is parallel to the PCB on which it is positioned. The average engineer will surely be smitten with this LED family, of fabricated yellow-green and red chips. These LEDs, suited for all SMT assembly and solder process, RoHS compliant and with an extreme wide viewing angle will show your solution in a new light.

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