RGB LED, chip sized

With a more varied functionality, and a more compact design, the new RGB chip LED solutions are upgrading the chip LED array to an all new level. Chip light has never been more colorful.

Not one, but two new chip RGB LED light source products, by lighting-LED visionary REFOND Optoelectronics, were released to meet the increasing demand for maximum effectiveness in minimalistic size. The 1615RGB & 1010RGB chip LED series continue down the line from mono, bi and Tricolor chip LED "classics" from the 0603 to 1210, but with a much more compact size.

With thickness of the RGB LED of less than 0.25mm, and an ultra-thin design, the solutions will bring the light source to meet the functional requirements when assembling products and equipment. Furthermore, regarding button and digit-display applications, these LED chip packages can be more closely attached to the body compared to others LED assemblages currently on the market, thus further easing the product design constraints both in space and cost.

Product performance assured & guaranteed, these new colorful series are the latest to operate in tighter loci and better suited to the divulging needs of Hi-Tech Screen performance. Up to the challenge of limited framework of adjustable equipment space, these solutions are optimized for use in consumer as well as industrial fields such as laptops, home appliances and far more.  Unlike most of the conventional CHIP LED on the market, as they are mainly in mono color, these Tricolor compact LED series bring a three-color package "packaged punch", which can be divided into white light and has a smaller size and thickness. Tightly designed for highly integrated applications and cost-effective, the RGB chip LED series can realize full-color and mixed white light display according to different program requirements. Not to mention the full colloid envelopment for the light source's body which creates a standard flow of excellent light color consistency. Ready to enrich your life?

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