The transformer range completed

Opted for communication of up to 100MHz, with a wide operational temperature range and with two different configurations for matching to a wide range of PLC modem chipset- this SMD isolation transformer broadcast a more approachable allure to an already fantastic array of Signal transformers.

The all new SMD isolation transformer solutions family has been released. dubbed "PLC-LW" family by  power lines communication, RFID magnetic sensors, inductive couplers, and power magnetic components leader and innovator PREMO Group- these solutions' release mark the completion of the same good signal solutions, at a more attractive price.

Tailored specifically for coupling/decoupling signals according to IEC 15118 standards, and IEC 61851-1's V2G & V2V charging system communication, these SMD isolation transformer 1:1 is the latest, competitive and truly attractive (low cost), in the signal transformers' field.

The "PLC-LW" family, designed with NiZn magnetic core, comes with substantial upgrades. The same trusted SMD coil former technology in reduced size (smaller than toroid version). Not to mention the highly reproducible performances (better than toroidal solutions) or an operational temperature range between -40°C to 125°C to really give you something to hum about.

With Ultra-low insertion losses (< 1dB) on 100-120 Ohm load (2-30MHz PLC equivalent network load), 13” Tape & Reel packaging and UL94 and ROHS materials to boot- these splendid solutions are suitable to HomePlug Green Physical layer (HPGP; 10Mbps), HomePlug AV (HPAV; 80Mbps) HomePlug AV2 (HPAV2; Gbps) to optimum operation mode above 85MHz. These safety solutions (isolated coupling transformers) come in two different configurations for a wide range of PLC modem chipset such as Qualcomm, ST, Maxim, NXP among others for your comfort.

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