Memory card solutions, extended


SLC-based SD, microSD and CompactFlash™ memory cards solutions have been renewed for your enjoyment. With same product architecture, but with new names, as the previous S-200(u) and C-300 products, their great capabilities will be available for more over than eight years.

The S-250(u) and C-350 series. These new SLC-based SD memory cards, microSD memory cards and CompactFlash™ solutions, by memory maverick Swissbit, are the extended variant of the solutions that dominated the past decade. Well suited for the next one to come. Furthermore, due to the technological emergence of the new tech from the former solutions- the qualification of the new series is ready to deploy with minimal, almost unnoticed, effort.

These solutions are the latest in a long line of embedded control units that have profound experience in the Automation, Rail and Avionics fields. In this step along memory lane, Swissbit has once again offered the world a compact, affordable and highly fitted robust and durable storage media for the long term effectiveness of  the client performance due to splendid long life cycles.

Based on SLC memory Technology, the S-250-SD and S-250u-microSD memory cards comply with the SD standard and support the SPI mode. Ranges differ from 512MB to 2GB, but what doesn't differ is the quality. specified for an industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, a long operational life with data retention of up to ten years, and feature a robust design with an increased gold layer on the contacts- you know you have memory to rely on.

Available in capacities from 32MB to 256MB and support the same temperature range and functions as the above, the C-350 CompactFlash cards are the standard go to solution for you in harsh environments, with easy replacement application.

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