Medium power, maximum effectiveness

With a varied range of wonderful angles, splendid package size, and an ultra-small chip size- this LED is ready to be your go to IR spectacle. Infrared Illumination Specially designated for cameras, surveillance systems and machine systems’ vision- are you ready to fly?

This red LED is RAD led. The new go to Infra-Red LED series, dubbed “EMC3030” by illumination visioner REFOND Optoelectronics, is out in the open and is already making a stir. In a compact package, and a compact chip-size. This amber of a LED comes in neat sizes of the chip & the overall package. RoHS compliant, and Moisture sensitive level 3 approved, this LED’s optical power ranges from 200 to 500 mW, with a maximum current level of 500mA.

Furthermore, with a wide range of angles (20°, 30°, 45°, 100° and 120° respectively), you can be sure that the 3030 covers you 360°. High reliability in an EMC package, this series is suitable to Pb-free reflow soldering applications. Not to mention the Peak wavelength of  ?p=850nm, or the Low forward voltage needed.

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