The N-30m2


Based on industrial-grade 3D TLC NAND, staying cool even at hot temperatures without active/passive cooling. "powersafe" power loss protection technology optional. A rare combination of performance, endurance, and large storage capacity in a compact PCIe M.2 module- the new compact PCIe M.2 module is cooler and better than ever.

“your mission, if you choose to accept it”: The latest high performance Peripheral Component Interconnect express Solid State Drive (PCIe-SSD) series has been recently released. The new “N-30m2” memory range, by memory tech innovator Swissbit, combines performance, endurance, and large storage capacity in one slick and compact PCIe M.2 design. no active or passive cooling required, even at high temperatures. Optionally available with the exquisite industry-leading power loss protection (PLP) technology "powersafe", These modules are the highway to become the go to choice for fanless and enclosed embedded systems. Not to mention that industrial, NetCom and automotive sectors’ players can further benefit from an outstanding write performance capability.

Based on industrial-grade 3D TLC NAND conceptions, this varied SSD solutions family can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to +85 °C. furthermore, a PCIe 4-lane interface, based on the former PCIe 3.1 specification, provides sequential read and write bandwidths of up to 3,500 MB/s and 3,100 MB/s respectively. Available in both M.2 2242 and M.2 2280 form factors, this series’ storage capacity can range between 240 GB to 3.84 TB. Stating: tough missions breed tough tech.

As a side note, a pseudoSLC version of its N-36m2 range for even greater endurance requirements, allowing for a 10x higher write load. This version will be available in capacities ranges from 80 to 320 GB. Thus, the N-30/36m2 ranges are optionally available with the enhanced “powersafe” PLP feature. For maximum reliability and protection for mission-critical applications in mind.

Ready to start calling mission accomplished?