The transformer range completed

Opted for communication of up to 100MHz, with a wide operational temperature range and with two different configurations for matching to a wide range of PLC modem chipset- this SMD isolation transformer broadcast a more approachable allure to an already fantastic array of Signal transformers. The all new SMD isolation transformer solutions family has been […]

The 3 in 1 combo

Three Solutions are better than one. Honestly, what’s better than that? Well, Three solutions, in one. With 40% to 50% reduction in volume compared to other discrete industrial solutions for the same power management capacity- It’s the obvious choice. The typical Power converter in the market usually was assembled from a transformer, a resonant choke […]

Smart, wide, MICU

The wonder is on with the MICU module family. Wide frequency range for power line communication is Smart-Grid applications? Check. Operational capability in the development of EV-charging Stations for communication protocol diagnosis? Check. What more do you need to call this family a blockbuster? The main advantages of these inductive couplers’ family are clear. this […]

The Mandatory Magnet

Through heat dissipation techniques, and new techniques of produced Iron powder Magnetic Core (FeSi6), this splendor solution has achieved extended saturated levels of the core. Groupo Premo has done it again. CoolMagTM , an innovative solution designed for OBC or DCDC converter where filtering at the output is mandatory and the increasing of power delivered […]

The ultra-Slim 3D

The new innovation from Tech great Premo Groupo has come in compact size. The all-new 3D14EMR-ULP sensor series, a 3Dcoil™electro-magnetic sensor with a real height of less than 1mm above the PCB, is more than ready to integrated into hardware such as smartphones. Other optional devices that can benefit from the series are Key fobs, […]

The new transformer

Tech Giant PREMO Group has recently unveiled an all new DCDC transformer product line for Automotive industry. With power range from 2kW ZVS 100 kHz to 3kW ZVS 100 kHz and specified specs to the beholder- each transformer is at a level of it’s own.