The Registered memory solution


New innovative solution to cash registers' memory tempering of past transactions, which was developed by memory Tech maverick Swissbit, is currently being implemented in Slovakia. The solution embarks on a new field of transaction protection.

With direct connection to Point-of-Sale (POS) devices, through POS hardware and software solutions tailored to the needs of said systems, POS data protection could not be safer. Swissbit's secure microSD card has recently been certified in Slovakia. The card offers easy integration to exiting manufactured systems and to future designs in the POS field.

The Swiss bit memory module can be plugged or unplugged to any POS device through a regular microSD port, making it doable and integrated. In addition to this significant memory gem, Swissbit provides Software Development Kit (SDK), drivers and support for multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows, Android and Embedded systems.

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