The ultra-Slim 3D


The new innovation from Tech great Premo Groupo has come in compact size. The all-new 3D14EMR-ULP sensor series, a 3Dcoil™electro-magnetic sensor with a real height of less than 1mm above the PCB, is more than ready to integrated into hardware such as smartphones.

Other optional devices that can benefit from the series are Key fobs, smartcard key fobs and wearable devices for optimal use of real-time location systems (RTLS) and for the benefit of immersive 3D virtual & augmented reality (VR & AR) tech experience.

The majority of the 3D electromagnetic sensors available in the market have minimum heights of 3.2mm. previously, the lowest profile 3D coil was the PREMO 3DC06  series with maximum height of 2.5mm. until now.

The series, which the lowest profile 3D antenna coil available (sometimes below 50% compared to competitor antennas on the market today), is available now at a maximum height of 1.65mm due to combined effort by Premo Groupo, BQ and UC3M University. This new series also provides greatly increased sensitivity. There is no compromise of quality due to lack of size.

The entire project was under the examination of a CDTI-Spain (Center for development of Industrial Technology) research project called ASUMP.

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