The new standard for Horticulture LED

With a simple to use design, excellent performance and abundant spectrum of varied wavelengths- the new horticulture lighting standard is being made. It's customizable, affordable and with Uniform light color.

With an easy-to-use architecture, and a simple design, this plant light LED solution is becoming the new horticulture lighting standard. Dubbed "Plant Light 2835 120°Silicone Series" by lighting visioner REFOND Optoelectronics, this LED family is growing to be the new horticulture-targeted go to solution. Not to mention the versatile range of varied wavelengths to boot and an ability to give customizable solutions for various needs.

Initial costs of a LED bulb is higher than a traditional bulb. However, these solutions are 66% more energy efficient as they use less power than others in the long run. This is due to less evaporation and also less air conditioning required by the grower for the crop's specific needs. A 2021 academic study regarding LED effects on horticulture reflected that "light quality affects the water use of plants by regulating the stomatal conductance of plants, and both the changes in stomatal aperture and density seems to contribute to the different water use of plants under different light qualities".

Furthermore, Plastic leaded chip carrier (PLCC-2) oriented, this solution is also well suited for all Surface mounted technology (SMT) assemblies, solder processes, and compliant to all restriction of Hazardous substances (RoHS) directives. Available on tape & reel and built with a 120° viewing angle- the new horticulture lighting is here.

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