Same high light efficiency, in a new package

Low thermal resistance and good thermal conductivity, high light efficiency and varied light wavelengths for varied needs- these are just a few qualities that already make the new LED 120°. But then again, in paraphrase, we talked about the quality of the fudge, but not the icing on the cake. Now we have options. The […]

The adaptable COB LED

With high photosynthetic photon efficiency and photosynthetic photon flux values, adjustable and customizable light emission according to the varied breeding environments and the changing needs of the individual plant’s growth phases- you can bet this COB horticulture oriented solution is up for grabs. The latest COB solution, horticulture focused and dubbed “Plant lamp (COB LED) […]

LED Haute couture Horticulture

With 50,000 to 100,000 hours expected lifespans, a plant-friendly lighting spectrum and adjustable size and shape, the new phase of agriculture is here. Through vertical agriculture needs oriented LED tech, a better opportunity for control of heat and light emission is at the tip of your fingertips for wonderous results. The Horticulture lighting solutions series, […]