The most compact 3D coil antenna in the market right now


Slick, Available and fully isotropic- the Electro-magnetic based sensor game just got it's next big buzz. This antenna is already stirring magnetic attractions.

The all-new Electro-magnetic based 3D coil antenna series, the 3DC14EMR-ULP by tech innovator and designer Premo Grupo, is out and already causes attraction. With a slick and compact design- 50% more compact than any other exiting antennas- and with the same high sensitivity capability (>45mV/A/m [X,Y]; >30mV/A/m [Z]), the buzz is justified.

Suitable for Pick & Place SMD assembly, supported on T&R for surface mount pick and place assembly and mobile devices oriented, this magnet of a solution is the go to pick for the up-and-coming tech designer. The fully operational 3 coils axis oriented component, Smart hardware designated, will bring the A game to the automotive, smart phones and EM tracking fields.

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