Industrial memory, extended

New players in the SD game are announced, and the performance anticipation is on. Based on industrial grade 3D NAND technology, the all new industrial SD memory modules are the new hit integrated flash chip.

The all new SD memory modules series, dubbed "S-50" and "S-56" respectively by tech pioneer SWISSBIT, are here to stay and make a difference. An extension of the SD memory modules series of the tech gizmo, they don't fall short of the mark. Based on industrial grade 3D NAND technology and integrated with flash chips, powerful controller and high-end firmware- highest reliability down memory modules' lane is within reach.

The new S-5x range comprises the S-50 SD and S-50u micro SD memory cards. a very competitive price point, alongside the high-endurance S-56 & S-56u versions which use 3D pSLC mode to achieve a tenfold increase in endurance, coupled with temperature range of between -40°C to 85°C- these are modules to behold.  The S-50 SD memory card is initially available in capacities from 16GB to 256GB, while the S-50u range extends from 16GB to 128GB.

The density range for these new cards is from 4GB to 64GB for the S-56, with 4GB to 32GB for the S-56u model. There are already plans to add higher capacities for all variants later.

With 120b LDPC error correction, full-page-fail protection mechanism, read disturb management, background data refresh, sudden power loss recovery, sophisticated static and dynamic wear leveling and – for mechanical protection – a molded SIP package with a 30µ" thick gold connector- you know you are on the right track.

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