UV purifier, In a box

Based on Deep UV LEDs’ technology, this Ultra-box purification unit is in the forefront of anti-pandemic assistance

The all new UVC BOX, by LED designer and innovator REFOND, is the latest anti-pandemic assistance component to cheer about. The LED’s tech integrated in this wonderful package specializes in air quality sterilization and purification. But what is the magic inside, you ask? It is the all new ultra-violet disinfection LED named RF-C37P0-URT-AR. Suitable for all SMT assembly and solder processes, available on tape and reel and with 120° viewing angle- you couldn’t be in safer hands.

Moisture sensitivity Level 3, RoHS complaint and with suitable heat dissipation- the sterilization game is on.

The support disinfection box of surprises, based on Deep UV LEDs tech (270-280nm), will help the fight versus the COVID-19 pandemic to enable once again to safely breathe fresh air and enjoy an healthy life.

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