Industrial memory, extended

New players in the SD game are announced, and the performance anticipation is on. Based on industrial grade 3D NAND technology, the all new industrial SD memory modules are the new hit integrated flash chip. The all new SD memory modules series, dubbed “S-50” and “S-56” respectively by tech pioneer SWISSBIT, are here to stay […]

Single professional, Ball Graded

The all new 3.2cm² BGA packaged 3D NAND SSD PCIe single industrial component gives new meaning to reliability for small size embedded components. Up to 480GB capacity and 4 lane PCIe 3.1 / NVMe 1.3 specification, high performance to boot is guaranteed. Small size embedded systems, factory automation, routers and switches, Internet of Things (IoT), […]

The industrial grade 3D NAND

The X-75 3D NAND SATA SSD memory products family, from tech innovative Swissbit, meticulously tailored for demanding industrial & Netcom applications. With range of versions of different housing- from 2.5”, M.2-, SlimSATA- to mSATA modules- the variety is overwhelming. But that’s not all. With BiCS3 NAND, which gives the family of modules operational reliability temperatures […]