The resistor SWAT team


They have a structure of a fast fuze, quick to react, and they operate in anti-surge operations. Meet the SWAT family. The Resistors SWAT family.

Imagine a high temperature operation. The high power applications are extremely high. But, then again, that is what they are built for. The SWAT resistors' family, by tech godfather FIRSTOHM, is the A-team in the field of fast fuze resistor applications.

They are always coated with flameproof multi-layers feature. With Reflow-soldering Safe component that brings solution to the fuze field- what else do you need to get the job done? This Reach compliant "Enhanced welded spot" is the package that certainly can deliver. This family serve as fast-acting fuse device for high-power applications and as thermal fuse to protect against overheating in electronic products.

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