Motion capture in 3D


A new series of 3D motion capture emitter antennas, with precise capabilities, splendid radiation performance and isotopy per size to boot- welcome to an  all new 3D world.

New families of 3D Motion Tracker and Motion Capture components, by Tech innovator Premo Group, have been released and are causing a stir. The all new 3DTX10 and 3DTX08 are all you need for a brave new world of user experience hardware manufacturer.

You might have an unreal game engine, and even 5, but with this Reality-check fabricator, you might have a great time trying to escape reality. This tech, electromagnetic based technology for the avid VR adventurer, offers clear advantages in the fields of line of sight, latency and precision. These antennas are useful to provide even  very high precision motion capture in the range of 20-50cm. Innovator Premo even thought of the use of XR wearables such as gloves or full body suits in mind during development. The change is here, and now.

Built for the XR world in mind, with this Magnet of electromagnetic 3D motion capture antennas, especially tailored and made for SMT assembly lines, very good radiation performance and isotopy- it can make your interface evaluation a reality. And the virtual cherry on top? They provide emitter- receiver duo components.

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