The Flexed PCB

The full mastery of Flex and Flex Rigidized PCB tech can be yours. The cutting-edge multilayer tech is now fully tailored to your needs with DYCONEX. Multilayered Flex PCBs, HDI, 3D miniaturization, and ultra-fine line cables. These are just some of the cutting edge mastery of the multilayered Flex and Flex Rigidized PCB tech by […]

The Advanced FLASH LED

It may come in a miniaturize size, but this LED is for the professional tech designer. With ceramic packaging, high power output and high luminance- the A game is on. The all new Ceramic packaged FLASH LED, by tech supreme REFOND, brings the A in ADVACED. The game is on, and with high reliability, moisture […]

Motion capture in 3D

A new series of 3D motion capture emitter antennas, with precise capabilities, splendid radiation performance and isotopy per size to boot- welcome to an  all new 3D world. New families of 3D Motion Tracker and Motion Capture components, by Tech innovator Premo Group, have been released and are causing a stir. The all new 3DTX10 […]

The resistor SWAT team

They have a structure of a fast fuze, quick to react, and they operate in anti-surge operations. Meet the SWAT family. The Resistors SWAT family. Imagine a high temperature operation. The high power applications are extremely high. But, then again, that is what they are built for. The SWAT resistors’ family, by tech godfather FIRSTOHM, […]