The Basic FLASH LED just got upgraded

Imagine a white FLASH  LED. Imagine a wide viewing angle, fabricated by using a blue chip and the phosphor. Imagine it can be suited for any SMT assembly. But nowi it's not only in your imagination.

The all new "BASIC" white FLASH LED by tech gizmo REFOND is the  all new go-to LED in the fields of interior and exterior Automotive Lighting. Compacted with EMC package, extremely wide viewing angle, adaptability to all SMT assembly and solder processes and RoHS compliant- this splendid beam of light will make the difference in your costumer's experience.

The "Basic" FLASH LED comes in small volume, thin thickness with Uniform luminance and high brightness. If that's not enough, high reliability and resistance to large current impact can really turn the lightwave in your favor.

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