The PCIe Gen 3.1 is here

With an Industrial Temperature grade, Gen. 3 interface with four Lanes and Sequential Read performance of up to 1,600 MBytes/s to boot- The N-26m2 series turns memory tech upside down.

The N-26m2 series of memory modules, by memory tech great Swissbit, is here to turn some heads in the Industrial memory field. Sequential Read Performance of up to 1,600 MBytes/s, Random Read 4K up to 145,000 IOPS. Sequential Write Performance of up to 680 MBytes/s, Random Write 4K up to 105,000 IOPS. Those are just some of the brand new capabilities of this artistically tailored memory tech. If that doesn't jug your memory envy, Low Power consumption, Gen. 3 x 4 lanes and Data retention of ten years at Life begins and a whole year at Life Ends can really make you plan ahead.

With Power-fail Data loss protection and Page Based Flash Management, not to mention the AES-256 Encryption on request and In-Field Firmware update, this module will surely make a difference in the Industrial and Automotive fields

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