Smart, wide, MICU

The wonder is on with the MICU module family. Wide frequency range for power line communication is Smart-Grid applications? Check. Operational capability in the development of EV-charging Stations for communication protocol diagnosis? Check. What more do you need to call this family a blockbuster?

The main advantages of these inductive couplers' family are clear. this extensive MICU modules family, by Inductive components Innovator grupo Premo, for wide frequency range to the benefit of power line communication (PLC) in Smart-Grid solutions is out in the open and already turns engineers' heads. to use in the development of EV-charging stations for communication protocol diagnosis, any respectable engineer would like to use the family.

Easy to install and to use, Non-Intrusive hardware, Narrow band operation of 30 to 600kHz for long-distance communications and NB & BB combined application- no one can walk away from the family. At least, without getting interested.

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