The Ultra-Violet series

The UV3535 high brightness 120° & 60° series of Ultra-Violet LED, by tech powerhouse Refond, bring new capabilities to the targeted field of UV Lighting. Tailored by these needs, the UV by Refond upgrade your experience to an all other level.

The new series are here. Stronger, fiercer and much more violet. Ultra-Violet. The UV3535 UV LED series of 60° & 120° are here. The two remarkable series, by tech innovator Refond, come to bring you the best applied UV module for a variety of applications from fluorescence detection to UV exposure and coin check pseudo.

With ESD protection capability, Automated packaging, low thermal resistance & High Reliability- your new application can not be in safer hands. Furthermore, the high purity aluminum nitride stent will certainly be the expresso on top the ultra-violet affogato of a component for the engineer's engineer.


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