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Tech leader PREMO has recently launched a new family of components in the fields of Virtual Reality(VR) technology.

The 3D coil cube receiver sensors oriented for the  VR magnetic tracking system, are in the forefront of the emitter/receiver level in the operational complex of VR products. 
PREMO states that "Cubic design is the most effective approach to an isotropic magnetic coil emitter or receiver" .



There are several  sizes to the designs, amongst them  the 3DDC08 ( has his  rx antenna the size of 8x8mm), the 3DDC10 ( has a rx antenna of 10x10mm), the 3DDC20( tx antenna of 20x20mm). the 3DDC28( 28x28mm) and others.

 Each selection depends on the customer needs.  The 3DDC08,  which is the Smallest Receiver 3DCoilCube for Magnetic tracking systems for Virtual Reality Systems, has high axis symmetry (x,y,z). It can perform through temperatures ranging from -20°c to 80°c. Furthermore, Multiple frequencies available (typ 60kHz, 125kHz, 134kHz).