Drive safe: Memory revolutionary Swissbit has showcased her SSD encripted memory cards at the VDI congress Electronic in Vehicles (ELIV) exibition held at the World Conference Center in Bonn, Germany on mid-october. Swissbit has presented a selection of particularly robust and durable SSDs and memory cards, highlighting the massage- secure storage modules as a solution for the challenges of networked connected automotive electronics.

Current trends in automotive electronics- Cars infrastructure communication, automated driving, assistance systems, over-the-air software updates, info entertainment- pose a significant threat to the direct user of the vehicle in regard to his privacy, control and formost safety.  Data and communication security today is both a requirement and a  formidable challenge.
Swissbit has a solution.

With its Secure SD and microSD memory cards, Swissbit offers components for security solutions in automotive electronics. The secure memory cards can be optimized for different tasks. For example, a flash memory configured as read-only ensures that vehicle data recorded during vehicle operation cannot be manipulated later and provides evidential value in case of a dispute. Other storage media are used to protect reference databases for driver assistance systems.

Swissbit offers SD memory cards with a Secure Element. This provides a cost-effective, easy-to-implement and at the same time secure way to assign a unique identity to each participant in machine-to-machine communication. Also, such a memory card can be used for encryption of communication data. It is essensial in cases of ommunication via bus systems, the internet or between components of car electronics as well as with external IT systems. All  of them must be secured from coruption or manipulation.