Distance does matter


With an innovative magnetic nanotechnology, flexibility that is hard to come by, and a greater range in the horizontal field to boot- the new KGEA-AF antennas family in every engineer's go to tool.

Premo Group launches the KGEA-AF (LR&ULR).

The series of magnetic emitter antennas, based upon innovative nanotech magnetic material, which are long-range and ultra long-range flexible antennas, providing up to five times more H-field (horizontal field) than the standard antennas.

PREMO Group has developed new technology intended for LF emitter antennas in the range of 20KHz to 134KHz that overcome the limits of conventional ferrite cores that are fragile and brittle and cannot be manufactured reliably in long forms.

The PREMO nanotech magnetic materials enable long flexible emitter anetenna.

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