Surge & Lightning arrestors and suppressors Modules

Full range of Surge & Lightning arrestors and suppressors Modules:


  • Surge and lightning arrestors and suppressors for AC and DC systems in standard and harsh  environments.
  • Surge suppressors for special applications:
    1) Mining
    2) Defense
    3) Railways
    4) Airports
    5) Power generation facilities
    6) Photovoltaic plants
    7) Wind farms
    8) Broadcasting stations
    9) Manufacturing plants
    10) Agriculture
    11) Water and wastewater facilities
    12) Dams
    13) Radar towers
    14) Marine vessels
    15) Hospitals
    16) Data centers
    17) Cellular network radio base stations
    18) Microwave radio relay stations
    19) Telecom central offices and street cabinets
    20) Residential
    21) Office buildings
    22) Oil fields
    23) Gas fields
  • Isolating spark gaps for Equipotential Bonding.
  • Protecting whole spectrum of DataCom, Telecom and communications lines.
  • Protecting Power Over Ethernet (PoE) lines.
  • Protecting against surges in ground lines.
  • Power quality measuring modules and Surge and lightning counter units.
  • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) protecting solutions.

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