Company Profile

E.D.E Electronics was established in 1985 as a Hi- Tech engineering and distribution organization.

E.D.E’s mission is to provide high quality products at cost effective prices suitable to customer’s needs.

E.D.E is proudly serving the HI- TECH,ELECTRICITY and DEFENSE Industries.

E.D.E Electronics employs highly qualified and very experienced application & sales engineers with extensive industrial and military background in an engineering capacity.

E.D.E Electronics is an approved supplier to all the Israeli governmental offices and agencies.

Beit- Shoham, the residence of E.D.E Electronics


E.D.E’s offices are located at Poleg industrial area, Netanya.



E.D.E’s mission is – full costumer satisfaction.
Our professional team enables us to cover small and large market segments,
E.D.E’s business model is that of stocking rep.
In recent years, the company has expanded it’s distribution activities with a year to year significant growth, while supporting it’s customers with instant service.

E.D.E is a long term company by philosophy, having continuous presence in the market and is a loyal partner to every telecom, networking, wireless communication, industrial, security, defense & medical manufacturer in Israel. E.D.E’s long- standing involvement with government business makes E.D.E an integral part of any major defense and avionics projects in Israel.

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